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Téléphone à incendie Téléphone à explosion téléphonique Alram
  • Téléphone à incendie Téléphone à explosion téléphonique Alram
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Informations de base

Modèle:  KNZD-41

Description du produit N ° de modèle: KNZD-41 Fonction: Clé commune téléphone, téléphone mains libres, téléphone à enregistrement, téléphone VoIP, téléphone industriel Accessoires: cordons téléphoniques Crochet: oui Clavier: oui Taille: 70 * 43 * 30cm haut-parleur: oui résistant au vandalisme: oui CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001: 2008, IP67 Code SH: 8517180090 Type: Téléphone à clé Messagerie vocale: Non pris en charge Messagerie vocale DEL Indication: Oui Combiné: Oui Porte: Oui Origine: Shenzhen Fire Telephone alram téléphone téléphone à explosion Fire Telephone Alram Telephone Explosion Telephone

The Fire Telephone will be designed to work on Railway, metro, tunnel, etc. Housed in robust metal sus304 die case with door, it will offer protection against the outdoor environment, vandals resistance and rot resistance.

The unit will meet all the latest European/UK standards for EMC and US FCC, telephony, waterproofing IP66, and lightening protection together with offering the level of performance and reliability demanded in such an environment.

Telephone features
1.  Robust metal sus304 body.  
2.  dustproof keypad flash mountsd. 
3.  Weather resistant to IP65 or IP66 standard, service temperature range from:-30ºC to +75ºC
4.  Magnetic reed hook-switch 
5.  Telephone line powered. 
6.  Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21

7.  Handset: made of special engineering plastic, high anti-knock resistance, Weatherproof, armoured cable optional,    

8.  Hearing Aid compatible receiver, Noise canceling microphone.
9.  Auto off. When detect buzy tone , the phone will auto off to release line to avoid engage.  
10.  Selectable 7 minute time out, to release the line if the handset is left off hook.
11.  Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware, 
12.  Easy installation/ replacement.
13.  Adjustable ringer and volume control optional.

Main PCB
Well treated PCB used inside the phone.
Robust screw terminals used for the connection of ringer, handset, line in, hookswitch. 
Selectable 7 minute time out, to release the line if the handset is left off hook.
All connectors be greased in production.


Standard and SMART Analogue and VoIP-SIP options available
DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency)
Matching with most PABX,PBX and PAX systems.

Kirk electro dynamic transducer for both handset transmitter and receiver
Spring cable or armoured cable to attach the handset to the telephone main unit
Stainless steel cable to connect exchange.
Inductive coupler fitted for hearing aid compatibility.

 Connection type:RJ45 Socket inside sealed enclosure Power supply : External 5V dc
Power supply : External 5V dc
Call set-up Protocol : Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)
Configuration : DHCP or STATIC IP address provisioning





When there is fire, break FIRE, and make a phone call. the siren flash strobe lighting and sounding. 
Press blue button to mute siren sound during telephone conversation, 
at this time the siren stop sounding but still lighting and flashing. 
When finish call, press blue button again, the siren will continue sounding untill replacement. 

Fire Alarm Feature
Power supply: 
Telephone part: line powered.
internal 24V DC for amplifier from built-in UPS or battery 
internal 24V DC for flash strobe light from built-in UPS or Battery.
external 230V AC 50Hz, 2 hours of backup power ( UPS or battery) 
The siren(alarm) red flash strobe light and siren sound greater than 120dB.

Telephone Feature
1, Applicable for various types of SPC exchange and dispatching exchange system with feeding voltage of 28-60V.
2, Ambient  temperature:-35ºC~75ºC Relative humidity:10%~95%
Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa Circumstance noise:≤ 60dB(A)
3, Sound level of ringing:≥70-85dB(A).
4, Call transmission index:(7KM)SLR≤12,RLR≤-1,STMR≥10, output impedance is 600Ω.
5, Normal outgoing call or speed dial with memory



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